Know! How Embossed Press Plates helps to Ensure the Aesthetic Home Interior

With the involvement of modern tools and techniques, the home interior industry has shown a rise in terms of improvement in appearance and accent. Whenever one enters a room, some elements or feature within the interior (flooring, furniture, countertop or molding door frames) catches his/her eye immediately. Nowadays laminate is largely in use as the surfaces material to determine certain finishes or texture on counters, wall paneling, flooring or furniture. The material yields the variations like high or low pressures laminates based on the pressure applied to it, during the process of the production.

Composition Process
Press Plates (stainless steel sheets) used as heated roller that used to press and compress the thin layers of resin-treated paper, the process makes the material soft enough to accept the desired texture or embossing. The HPL are adhered to different subtracts and have the dimensional features like wood.


Designs & Finishes
Selecting a particular finish for the substrate is easy with the involvement of press plates as it helps to ensure the color, design based on the laminate.

Here are few of texture options for appealing home interior.

  • High Gloss Finish
  • Matte Finish
  • Suede Finish
  • Mechanical Suede
  • Customized Matte
  • Liner Grade Matte Plate
  • Chiffon Finish
  • Wood grain

Installation Process
Laminate is one of the few raw materials that install on the finished product in order to give a smooth finish and charm. Suitable adhesives applied to bind the laminate with the surface of the product and once contact has made firmly, the component becomes unmovable.

Press plates for laminates

Availability of press plates for Laminates
Once the design and texture are finalized for certain areas of the home interior, one can consult the leading stainless steel sheets manufacturing companies like Mapple, JSL, Aesteiron, Jainex Steel etc, with collection of 100 to 150 designs and colors choices to offer.

Laminate designs and texture do not suit the areas of extreme humidity, heat or cold etc, so one should consider the fact before installing or deciding the home interior.

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